Wedding Trends – Why Brides are ‘Cocktailing’

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Are Cocktail Style Wedding Receptions Better than Sit Down Meals?

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More brides and brides-to-be are choosing engagement parties and wedding receptions that aren’t a formal sit-down affair. Wedding cocktail parties are a growing wedding trend; as are elegant morning teas and afternoon teas.
Why are cocktail parties the first choice of so many wedding couples?
      • They want everyone to mingle, and truly share in the festivities rather than “spectate”.
      • Many settings are not suited to a sit-down wedding reception. The more ‘freestyle’ nature of the cocktail party opens up a world of non-traditional locations. The above photo was of an afternoon tea reception beside a 135 year old church in their commemorative gardens.
      • Larger gatherings need larger venues. However, by choosing a cocktail style function, you can accommodate more guests or choose a smaller venue than you could with a sit down party. Smaller venues means more options for the bride to choose from, at a lower cost, and less traditional options are now possible.
      • The Facebook effect – thanks to social media, people don’t lose touch as much. We see a significant increase in the size of the ‘average’ social event.
      • Managing the seating list is never a simple task. When you choose finger food catering for your wedding reception, you eliminate this challenge whilst still providing seating for your guests’ comfort.
      • Even formal settings can be better suited to the informal elegance of a finger food style affair.
  • The range and quality of finger foods and service styles means that guests can be served a generous ‘meal’ without a knife or fork. Cocktailing has graduated well beyond pre-dinner service only.
  • The important formalities and traditions can be retained as preferred.
Our romantic French styled cocktail range is proving a growing wedding trend!

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